About Us

Argus Security Risk Services was first established in 2002 to respond to the fluid security situation and to meet the clients’ ever changing requirements. Argus was then registered as a Limited company in 2007.

Argus is made up from a broad range of key personnel and specialists from ex-military (Special Forces), police and other government agencies, who are equipped with a wealth of skills and knowledge and have amassed vast experience throughout the world, often in hostile environments.

Argus offers flexibility in its approach, one of the key aims being total vigilance. Through establishing solid working partnerships with its clients success is achieved without any undue hindrance; the client has the knowledge that they are protected by some of the most professional and experienced security operators throughout the world.
Argus is a company that prides itself on absolute professionalism at all times and has a wealth of expertise in providing the most high profile clients with the ultimate in low profile security and surveillance solutions.

Argus works closely with the client and carries out each task with the utmost discretion. All clients can be assured that everything we do is completed in the strictest confidence, whilst ensuring that the needs of the individual or company are being met. Argus’s aim is to give the client the best possible service within a realistic budget, achieved by formulating a totally bespoke service.

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