Close Protection
In Hostile Environments

Argus can provide a client or indeed a corporate the full range of security operations and services in hostile environments. Argusís staff have vast experience of working within hostile environments, the majority of whom are former military employees emanating from British Special Forces. All of our staff are highly trained trauma medics.

When protecting a client in a hostile environment Argus can provide the client with low profile or high profile security.

These are the services which Argus can provide within a hostile environment:
Close Protection details for individuals
and companies
Protection of facilities, offices and compounds
Mobile security teams
Convoy protection
Security Training
Local liaison with community,
intelligence agencies,
Embassies and Security Forces
Surveillance and counter surveillance
The hiring, vetting and training of local guard forces
Sourcing and provision of security equipment
such as armoured cars, armour,
weapons and ammunition
(in accordance with local laws) Sneaker online cheap mbt cheap fitflop