Argus Security Risk Services provides a diverse range of security/risk and surveillance services with the flexibility to match the client’s needs in this ever changing world.

Argus can provide these teams throughout the world where we recruit local experts to assist our professional expat teams.
Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
Argus provides teams of surveillance operatives of any size. All of our operators are of the highest calibre and have all worked for the UK military (Special Forces), police or other Government agencies, they are equipped with the most up-to- date technology.
Personal Protection for High Value Clients
Argus can provide solutions to all your needs, as small as one operative working individually with one client, to full teams of operatives anywhere throughout the country, or in any environment in the world. We know the best way to afford protection to a client is by adopting a low profile approach.
Argus can provide training packages for clients, be this on an individual basis or for groups of 30 for a corporate, and even to foreign military/Government personnel to meet their needs. At Argus we develop a new training package for each client/task undertaken, again the planning of this is in full conjunction with the client.
Close protection in hostile environments
Argus and all of it’s operators have a vast amount of experience at operating within hostile environments, having provided protection in some of the world’s most dangerous places.
Facility protection and Residential security
Argus can provide protection for your property, be it a house in the country or indeed a full commercial complex. To achieve the ultimate protection to a property Argus combines professional security experts with the most up-to-date technical security. We can also carry out penetration testing.
Argus can provide the client with a range of analytical products. Bespoke threat assessments, corporate strategy reports and strategic security analysis reports for a wide range of sectors for example Oil and Gas, Telecommunications. Argus can also provide corporate briefings.
Protective equipment
We can provide all the protective equipment you would need for any task through our equipment partners and sub-contractors. Sneaker online cheap mbt cheap fitflop